• When Is an EMG Test Recommended? Common Indications
    Pain Relief in Winter Park, Florida Dr. Enrique Umpierre-Schuck, an esteemed, experienced, skilled, and licensed medical doctor, directs the Central Florida Pain & Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL. Our doctor's Read more
  • What to Know About an EMG
    EMG stands for electromyogram, which is a diagnostic tool for detecting muscle and nerve disorders. The test measures electrical activity or impulses in the affected muscles and can reveal abnormal Read more
  • How Can Electromyogram (EMG) Help You?
    An electromyogram also referred to as EMG, is a diagnostic test for assessing how the muscles and nerves are working. The test aids in the diagnosis of muscle disease and Read more
  • What Is EMG/NCS?
    Your pain management doctor in Winter Park, FL, can help you with EMG/NCS. An EMG is an electromyogram, designed to measure the electrical stimulation of your muscles while at rest and Read more

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