• Managing Chronic Pain with Neurostimulation
    Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with and can be even worse if it isn’t properly treated. It’s important to find ways to manage and control pain so that Read more
  • How Can Electromyogram (EMG) Help You?
    An electromyogram also referred to as EMG, is a diagnostic test for assessing how the muscles and nerves are working. The test aids in the diagnosis of muscle disease and Read more
  • The Benefits of Trigger Point Injections
    You live in your body every day and know it better than anyone else. When something is off, you know. But what you may not know is why something feels off Read more
  • C-TRAC Device for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    How the C-TRAC device from your doctor in Winter Park, FL, can help you You probably know someone who has carpal tunnel. Maybe you even have it yourself. It’s a common Read more
  • Benefits Of Pain Management
    Find out how our pain management team can help you. A 2019 survey conducted by the National Health Interview Survey found that at any given point in time, 20 million Americans Read more
  • Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Joint Injections
    You shouldn't have to live with unrelenting joint pain that isn't subsiding with conservative treatments—instead, Dr. Enrique Umpierre-Schuck with Central Florida Pain and Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL, encourages Read more
  • How Long Does Botox Last?
    When you deal with chronic or acute pain, it can be frustrating to find relief for your pain. There are other options when it comes to pain management that your Read more
  • Things You Need To Know About Regenerative Medicine
    Do you suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain? Regenerative medicine treatments offered by Dr. Enrique Umpierre-Schuck of Central Florida Pain & Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL, may Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Management
    Pain can affect how you conduct your everyday life, impacting every aspect of it if it is not properly managed. It is why pain management from your Winter Park, FL, Read more
  • Benefits of Joint Injections
    How joint injections from your doctor in Winter Park, FL, can relieve your joint pain Your joints are important because they help your body move. If your joints are stiff or Read more
  • Pain Management FAQs
    Are you tired of living with pain? Dr. Enrique Umpierre-Schuck of Central Florida Pain & Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL, offers pain management treatments that can help you control Read more
  • The Benefits of Trigger Point Injections
    Find out how trigger point injections work and how they can alleviate your pain.Sometimes there’s nothing more rewarding than a good heart-pumping, muscle-pounding workout. Plus, the surge of endorphins doesn’t Read more
  • Botox Injections for Pain
    You've likely heard of using Botox injections for cosmetic purposes, but these shots have medical benefits as well, including treatment of intensive pain. By blocking the pain response, Botox can Read more
  • Viscosupplementation: Treatment for Knee Arthritis
    Chronic knee pain can make everyday tasks a chore and favorite activities like biking or dancing a thing of the past. If you are healing from an injury or your knee Read more
  • What Is EMG/NCS?
    Your pain management doctor in Winter Park, FL, can help you with EMG/NCS. An EMG is an electromyogram, designed to measure the electrical stimulation of your muscles while at rest and Read more
  • When Should You See a Doctor About Your Chronic Pain?
    Are you ignoring that on-going pain? Don't think you need to see a doctor about it? Well, if you are dealing with chronic pain, you shouldn't push it aside. The Read more

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