Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Management

Pain can affect how you conduct your everyday life, impacting every aspect of it if it is not properly managed. It is why pain management from your Winter Park, FL, specialist can be so crucial. Learn more about every aspect of pain management by reaching out to Dr. Enrique Umpierre of Central Florida Pain and Rehab Clinic.

What’s the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain?

Although they refer to different conditions, both types of pain, acute and chronic, can severely interfere with your everyday activities.

Acute pain can typically be diagnosed and traced back to a specific cause that can be corrected. Once it is treated the pain usually subsides. But this isn't always the case, everyone's reaction to pain can vary widely.

Pain that persists for longer than 6 months is usually referred to as chronic pain. It is often harder to diagnose and finding relief may require attempting a few different treatments until a combination is found that can keep the symptoms under control.

How Is Pain Managed?

Pain is managed by a variety of treatments all of which are aimed at improving your quality of life. These can be used alone or in conjunction, all of it depending on your own specific experience. A treatment plan will be developed tailored to your own situation.

Medication, therapies, and injection treatments can all be used to assist with your pain management by your Winter Park, FL, doctor.

How Is a Treatment Plan Developed?

Your doctor can help guide you to the best possible treatment plan based on your health history and diagnosis, but a key aspect of pain management is communication. It is you who experiences the pain first hand and are the best equipped at communicating what happens and when it happens.

Be sure to discuss with your doctor whatever you can regarding your pain episodes, from anything you can remember that occurred prior, where you are experiencing the pain, and the degree of pain and how long it lasted. Your doctor may use a pain scale to help you better define it.

Where to Go For Help?

If you are looking for help with pain management in or around the Winter Park, FL, area, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Umpierre of Central Florida Pain and Rehab Clinic by dialing (407) 673-9533.

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