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Find out how our pain specialists in Winter Park, FL, can get your headaches under control.

If you are one of the 38 million Americans who suffers from painful migraines or frequent headaches, we know how important it is to get headachesanswers about what’s causing your pain. that's why you'll be happy to know that our Winter Park, FL, physiatrist, Dr. Enrique Umpierre has helped countless patients dealing with chronic head pain, and he can help you too through these treatment options,


Botox Treatments

When most people think about Botox, they focus on its ability to smooth away annoying laugh lines and crow’s feet. However, did you know that this same cosmetic treatment can also treat your migraine symptoms?


If you deal with headaches for more than 15 days a month, then you could be a good candidate for getting Botox treatment. It only takes a couple of minutes for our Winter Park, FL, physical medicine physician to administer these very thin needles which work to target and block pain signals to the brain.


Trigger Point Injection

A trigger point is a region of muscle that is very tight and often very painful when touched. Trigger points can cause referred pain in the head and neck, which can, in turn, lead to headaches and migraines. To provide relief, a trigger point injection is injected right into the area of affected muscles. This approach can even provide immediate relief for patients dealing with severe migraines and headaches.


Trigger point therapy isn’t right for all headache sufferers, however. We will first need to determine the cause of your headaches to figure out if this is the right treatment option for you.


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