What To Expect From Trigger Point Injections

What would you rather have: a brief, intense pain that goes away quickly or a low-intensity pain that never goes away? It’s a terrible choice, but many people aren’t given an option. They’re expected to muddle through somehow while living in constant discomfort. The Central Florida Pain and Rehab Clinic provides comprehensive pain management care for our patients. For chronic pain sufferers and those healing from injuries in Winter Park, FL, trigger point injections provide relief and promote natural healing.

What are Trigger Point Injections?

Your pain might be spread over a large area, but the sources of that pain often aren’t. Anyone who has ever gone in for a massage knows the discomfort those little balls of tense muscles known as “knots” cause. Even for people without chronic or acute pain conditions, working out knots can provide a huge source of relief. For chronic pain sufferers, regular massages are almost mandatory. An under-discussed aspect of muscle knots is their effect on the rest of your body. A knot in the wrong place can restrict blood flow and apply extra muscle strain, slowing healing and causing pain. When a knot is located in one of these places, medical professionals refer to that as a “trigger point.” When our patients in Winter Park, FL, receive trigger point injections from us, their doctor injects medicine into those trigger points to reduce inflammation and relieve tension in knots, improving the body’s ability to function and heal.

What Should You Expect?

Finding trigger points is typically non-invasive. Knots are usually tender to the touch. By placing light pressure on your trigger points, our medical professionals can diagnose your problem areas. No X-rays or MRIs are necessary. After identifying the locations of your trigger points, our team injects the area with a local anesthetic. Some trigger points require a combination of local anesthesia and steroid medication to release tension. After that, you’re all done! There are no side effects to this treatment, and it often takes less than fifteen minutes. Studies have shown that injections to your trigger points improve function and reduce pain. There's even evidence showing that trigger point injections can improve the success rate of physical therapy.

Ready for Relief?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain near Winter Park, FL, trigger point injections can help you heal. Visit us at Winter Park, FL, or call (407) 673-9533 to request an appointment. Contact us today and start relieving some tension.

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