When Is an EMG Test Recommended? Common Indications

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Dr. Enrique Umpierre-Schuck, an esteemed, experienced, skilled, and licensed medical doctor, directs the Central Florida Pain & Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL. Our doctor's focus is chronic pain through EMG testing. We have treatment options available to eliminate, significantly decrease, and manage the pain, thus increasing quality of life.

It would be best if you never resigned yourself to the fact that your chronic pain will get no better and never go away. Once we discover the underlying problem, we can treat it, which helps resolve the pain. Our doctor has long-term pain relief options, treatments, and tests. One approach is an EMG/NCS test, and we will explain.

What is an EMG/NCS?

Your muscles react to electrical impulses resting and when you are active. An Electromyogram measures these impulses.

One function of your nerves is to send electrical signals to your muscles. If you have a nerve disorder, your muscles will react abnormally. We need to find out how healthy your muscles and nerves are through the EMG/NCS test. 

An NCS or Nerve Conduction Study measures the velocity of nerve conduction or how well your nerves perform when sending electrical signals to the muscles. 

An EMG/NCS test goes hand-in-hand to uncover injuries or health conditions affecting the muscles and nerves controlling the muscles. 

When is an EMG/NCS Recommended?

Central Florida Pain & Rehab Clinic in Winter Park, FL, says an EMG is recommended if you have specific symptoms such as tingling, numbness, weakness of the muscles, muscle pain/cramping, paralysis, or muscle twitching.

What are the Common Indications for an EMG/NCS?

Our doctor may see some indications of a specific disease or condition, and this test would establish the correct diagnosis.

Some indications are as follows.

  • Muscle disorder
  • Communication between the nerve and muscle is affected
  • Nerve disorders outside the spinal cord
  • Underlying conditions affecting brain neurons or the spinal cord
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness/tingling

An EMG/NCS can uncover specific diagnoses, such as neuropathies, nerve compressions, carpal tunnel, pinched nerves, sciatica, muscular dystrophy, polymyositis, ALS, post-polio, and myasthenia gravis.

In addition to an EMG/NCS, our doctor may perform other tests such as imaging, blood, and muscle biopsies. 

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